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When are tryouts held?

Tryouts will be held in early February for the Spring Season. Some age groups may hold tryouts in the Fall or Winter seasons as well. We suggest checking the website often for additional information as we get closer to the seasons.

Tryout Age groups?

The Spartan organization will hold tryouts based off of pre-registered players for boys and girls in 1st through 11th grade in the Spring Season. In the Fall and Winter season tryouts will be held for boys and girls 1st - 8th grade. The number of teams per age group will depend on the number of qualified coaches and registered players.

Number of teams?

The organization will have up to four teams per age group. The number of teams will depend on the number of qualified coaches and players within each age group.

Team levels?

The top two teams will be highly committed and competitive. The other teams will also be competitive but will be managed with increased flexibility concerning training and playing environments. *There may be exceptions for teams joining D1SA as an entire team.

How should players register?

All current and non-current Spartan players MUST register online. If this is not possible, players will also be allowed to register onsite.

Tryout Cost?
There is a $15 fee, which covers both tryouts' dates per season.

What will tryouts consist of and how are they evaluated? 
Players will receive a tryout number. Coaches will divide the players and run them through drills and game play in order to best evaluate the players. At each tryout there will be three or more elevators. Players are evaluated based on their basketball skills, competitiveness, athleticism, knowledge of the game, and ATTITUDE. It is recommended players attend ALL tryout dates offered.

How many players on each team?
Each team will target at 8-10 players, but no more than 10 in order to maximize the effectiveness and playing time experience. The final number will depend on the tryout evaluations and turnout.

When are tryout results posted? 
Players will receive an email indicating whether he or she made one of the Spartan teams. Some grade levels may take longer to form, and results announced later than others based on the number of players and teams. However, it is our goal to announce teams within 5 days of the final tryout date. 

Not selected?

We would love to be able to accommodate all players wanting to play Spartan Basketball. Players who did not make a team will have the opportunity to train at any time when training sessions are available. Please keep playing, improve your skills and tryout next season!

Player commitment?

Players are expected to attend all practices, training's, tournaments and league play. In addition, Spartans will hold special events (Community service and other events during the season) we encourage all players to participate.


Teams will practice two-three times per week from February through early June in the Spring. One-two times per week in the Fall and Winter seasons. Depending on the level of play, teams may continue into the summer as well. This will be discussed with your individual coach.

Tournament and leagues?

For the Spring season teams will play in between 3-7 tournaments (depending on the team’s talent and commitment level). Tournament locations may be local or may require teams to travel. Fall and Winter teams generally will participate in a League play with one or two tournaments during the season. Please consult your coach or team manager for further information. 

Player fees per season?

All player dues are set by the coach of each team. Players who make a Spartan team will be required to pay the deposit of $300 on or before the first practice. This covers the initial gym space, practice jersey (new players), county and program fees. Remaining player fees will be due within the first month. These will include, but not limited to, league and tournament fees, uniforms, shooting shirts, and training. Teams who travel to out of town for tournaments will be responsible for their own travel, room and board. General season cost range between $400-$650. Consult your coach or team manager for more information on player dues.

Question not answered?

Any questions not answered? Please email [email protected] or you may contact the grade level coach directly. 

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