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Spartan Philosophy

Spartan Philosophy
The entire D1SA doctrine is based on the idea that BEING a SPARTAN is a way of life. 

To be a part of D1SA is to be a SPARTAN….

The Spartan perspective highlights the strength, will and courage of a Spartan, based on the motto…No Retreat, No Surrender, No Fear

The greatest competition is found within us and never against our opponents.  Preparation is a key component to all of what a Spartan does, so that in the face of adversity, Spartans are all craftsman at finding solutions to any given conflict that arises. Spartans push themselves beyond the threshold of comfort to produce excellence. 

There are no excuses before, during or after a battle. Being courageous is instilled in the framework of all our teams and individual players.  Spartans are all linked in battle, step by step, with discipline, and an unquenchable thirst to execute as one impenetrable force through TEAMWORK. 

Together STANDING AS SPARTANS, with the battle cry, Spartans Prepare for Glory.

It is my aspiration that every student athlete that becomes apart of our programs will be indoctrinated with these qualities and characteristics that exemplify the “Spirit of a Spartan.”

Coach Eric Williams
Athletic Director
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