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D1SA has teamed up with Loudoun Sports Training to offer year-round basketball training. Please visit for more information.

Spartan Indoctrination - Boys & Girls 1st - 8th Grade

Spartan Indoctrination (Indoc) is basketball training consisting of high intensity skills and drills done the Spartan Way!

BATTLE TIME Spartan Indoc Series is open to any athlete (D1 Spartan and non-D1 Spartan players) that seeks to excel at their craft.  The student athlete will develop the spirit of competition through intense basketball drills.

The Spartan Indoc
was produced by the very successful D1SA Spartan Loudoun Basketball Coach Eric Williams. “It is the will to compete that drives a student athlete to go beyond their comfort zone to achieve success,” states Coach Williams.  Through this program, the athlete will be challenged at intense levels to play harder and stronger than ever before. Preparation is the key for any athlete seeking to excel at their craft.

The goal of this series is for the student athlete to transform and develop a skill-set that promotes self-discipline and hard work to embody the Spirit of a Spartan.

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